Cricket Flour

Bugsolutely cricket flour is made with 100% dried and milled house crickets [Acheta Domesticus] from Thailand, reared in selected farms. Farms are required to sign a rearing protocol and are visited periodically.

The cricket’s feed is based only on vegetables (rice bran and soy beans, milled at the right size and packaged in 30 kg bags). Feed is chemicals and medications free and made in a HACCP certified facility.

The flour is also produced in a HACCP plant, utilizing a balanced roasting process and an advanced drying process to maintain consistency. The cricket flour is packaged in food grade aluminum bags containing oxygen absorbers.

To match our customers’ requests, the grain size of the flour is medium with a mild and nutty taste.

Bugsolutely cricket flour is Thai FDA approved. Health certificate and Certificate of Origin available on request for export needs.


Our selected cricket farms sign an agreement and commit to carefully follow a rearing protocol, which includes:

– feeding the crickets a special packaged feed containing rice bran and soy beans, with no chemicals or medications. Rice bran is particularly rich in dietary fibre and essential fatty acids. Soybean is an excellent source of protein and vitamin B.

– rearing in synthetic pens specifically designed for the crickets, which are easier to clean than traditional concrete enclosures and avoid the spread of bacteria and disease.

– boiling the crickets twice, in salt water, for at least 15 minutes. The salt is a key in improving the taste. The process ensures full sterilization.

– storage and delivery under safe conditions. Storage temperature never go above minus 4 degrees Celsius to prevent flour spoil.


Cricket flour is about 65% protein by dry weight and it is a super-ingredient, not just because of the protein content. It is also rich in amino acids, iron, calcium, vitamin B12, potassium and more. Omega 3, 6 and 9 are present in high quantities.


Bugsolutely cricket flour is packaged in aluminium bags containing oxygen absorbers, to extend the shelf life of the flour. The bags can be with or without label, depending on the customer’s request.

– INGREDIENTS: 100% whole Acheta Domesticus (house cricket)
– Particle size: mesh 60 (thinner mesh available on demand)
– PACKAGE WEIGHT: 1 kg (2,2 pounds) bags
– PACKAGE SIZE (1 kg): 5x13x23 cm (WxLxH)
– SHELF LIFE: 6 months (best before), 12 months (expiration date, with sealed bag)


– Thai FDA registered (PDF), HACCP certified (PDF)
(you need to sign our NDA to get a version with full detail disclosure)
– Nutritional tests (SGS): (PDF)
– bacteriological tests (Thai lab): (PDF)
– heavy metals tests (cadmium, mercury, arsenic, lead) available on demand


Thailand has a long tradition of farming and eating crickets. Being the largest producer of farmed crickets in the world, there are a recorded 22,000 farms in Thailand. Thanks to the weather (crickets grow better in tropical climate) and the low cost of land, Thai crickets are much more competitive than those produced in western countries. The Thai Ministry of Agriculture has recently released the first worldwide Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) for cricket farming and started training and certifying the farmers through the local departments of livestock.


Download these information as a PDF Datasheet

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