Certified cricket flour at the lowest price in the world

Bugsolutely cricket flour is made with 100% dried and milled house crickets from Thailand, reared in a GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified farm. The cricket farming and the flour processing take place within the same newly built facility. We operate according to the highest standards: we use food grade egg trays, industrial feed not containing animal ingredients and sterilized water in every step of the process. We use advanced technologies, including a special hot air drying process that maintains the typical nutty, roasted flavor but results in light brown color, mild smell, long shelf life and a thin powder.

Our farm is GAP certified, thanks to the work of the Ministry of Agriculture, the first institution to release safe-farming guidelines.

The flour factory is HACCP certified and Thai FDA registered. All processes are tracked and respect international food standards.

Product customization is possible, on demand, for bag sizes and labels. Whole roasted dry crickets can also be ordered at the same price per kg of the flour.

Bugsolutely sells ex factory Bangkok. If you do not have a shipping agent in Thailand, we can help you finding one. Our flour has been exported to a number of countries, therefore we can help you understanding the requirements for clearing your custom and matching your national food regulations.


INGREDIENTS: 100% whole Acheta Domesticus crickets (also known as House Crickets).
– PROCESSING METHODS: roasting and grinding
PARTICLE SIZE: 60 mesh (250 micron)
SHELF LIFE: 12 months (in sealed bags, no refrigeration needed)
MOQ: normally, minimum quantity is 100 kg per order
LEAD TIME: averagely, below 1 ton, two weeks from the order

We use special bags to protect the product and increase shelf life. The inner part of the bags is made of food grade linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). The outside layer is made of PET, while in the middle the material is aluminum. These bags are stronger than the simple aluminum bags used any most of the flour makers, and it is the result of our experience with international shipments. Thanks to our premium bags, the risk of flour spilling or bag breaks is close to zero. We deliver our flour in these high end bags to all out customers at no extra cost.  Bags are available in 1 kg and 5 kg size, at the customer’s discretion.

Bags are then placed in carton boxes (40 x 60 x 14 cm) for the shipment, which are included in the flour price. Any additional document (for example, Health Certificate, Certificate of Origin, etc), lab test on demand, pallets or special boxes are subject to extra charges.



Nutritional values (PDF)

bacteriological and heavy metal (PDF)


Crickets can be Halal? Read more…


Download the product datasheet as a PDF


Click on the image below for our workflow scheme 


(the complete version requires a NDA)

Good Agricultural Practice certificate (PDF)

– Thai FDA product registration (ask for it via email)

HACCP certificate (PDF)

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