The list of application submitted to the European Commission Food, Farming and Fisheries is at:

Species included as of April 2019 are:

Insect Applicant Proprietary content requested
Whole and ground Alphitobius diaperinus (lesser mealworm) larvae products* Proti-Farm Holding NV Yes
Dried Gryllodes sigillatus
(banded crickets)
Micronutris Yes
Whole and ground Acheta domesticus (house cricket) Belgian Insect Industry Federation No
Locusta migratoria 
(migratory locust)
Belgian Insect Industry Federation No
Dried Tenebrio molitor 
Micronutris Yes

The European Commission (EC) has developed an e-submission system for Novel Food applications. At this webpage you can find the link to the e-submission systems and to the PDF with the explanations.
The timeframe in an hypothetical “ standard” case (where no additional information is requested) should be as follow:
– 1 month (European Commission, for a formal check)
– 30 working days (at the Food Authority, if a technical preliminary verification is needed)
– 9 months (at the Food Authority, for validation of all the data)
– 7 months (at the European Commission, for the draft implementing act)
TOTAL: 1 year and a half. This timeframe is hypothetical. The new Novel Food law is in place since January 2018, as of December 2018 no insect applications has made it to the final phase, so there are no precedents to refer to in terms of timeline.


– my article on worldwide regulations at Food Navigator (feb 2017)
Novel Food law, new version 2015/2283 (Nov 2015): PDF
– EFSA food safety risk assessment for the House Cricket: PDF
– guidelines for the Novel Food application (Nov 2016) PDF
– additional guidance and comments on in the case of traditional food from third countries (Nov 2016) PDF
– guidelines for the Novel Food application for a traditional food from a third country (Nov 2016) PDF
– additional guidance and comments on in the case of traditional food from third countries (Nov 2016) PDF
– New EU document on the procedural steps of the consultation process for determination of novel food status (July 2017) LINK
– New EU document on the requirements for the entry into the Union of consignments of certain animals and goods LINK

– Liza Van Den Eede, Inside the EU Novel Foods Revision Debate: PDF
– IPIFF on insect import regulations, after a species is approved: LINK

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